There is photographic evidence that Zach Randolph thinks it’s 2004

Z-Bo is still trying to figure out if he'll vote for George Bush or John Kerry.
Mark D. Smith/Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Did you see that incredible Lakers-Pistons NBA Finals game last night? 

Rip Hamilton was incredible. The real shame is that Kobe and Shaq might not be together anymore if they don't pull out a win in this series, though. If you want anymore info on the series, you can just ask Zach Randolph, who probably finds out the score of all games by calling into one of those automated (nah, antiquated) phone lines and asking for the particular game he wants.

And why is ZBo finding out about the 2004 Finals and generally living in 2004 just now? In 2015? Because apparently, a four-year, $66 million contract is just enough to buy you a flip phone:

Don't drop it, Zach. I'm pretty sure the warranty expired on that back when JC Chasez was still relevant. 

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