Memphis Grizzlies Tweets of the Week: James Ennis Q&A

Earlier this week, James Ennis took over the Memphis Grizzlies’ Twitter account for a Q&A, providing Grizz fans with some serious entertainment.

The James Ennis’ Q&A on the Grizzlies twitter was entertaining to say the least. Even a few Grizzlies’ teammates decided to jump in on the fun. Ennis had Grizz fans asking thousands of questions, and we took note of the best ones… simply because #WeEnnis. *hits dougie*

To start things off, Troy Daniels chimed in to ask James some (almost rhetorical) questions, and also fired some friendly shots.

Come on, Troy. The only 3-point shootout victory you need to be talking about, is the one during All-star break. Troy Daniels didn’t think he had done enough yet, so he decided to go straight for every man’s insecurity- their hair.

James’ decided to try and turn this question around on Troy. That’s a bold move, let’s see how this one plays out.

My bet is that this comeback would have been a little more vicious if they were in the locker room, but for a social media Q and A, this would have to be sufficient.

This by far one of my favorite tweets of the week. What else would you expect from Chandler Parsons? My vote is that Chandler Parsons is, in fact, James’ favorite white boy.

When a Grizzlies’ fan asked Ennis what his favorite movie was, he said the “Titanic”. No disrespect, but I’m glad you aren’t as soft on the court as you are with your movie choices. It’s a good movie and all, but come on, how do you not see a giant iceberg?

Let’s not sleep on how entertaining our tweets can be. After watching the halftime performance of the Super Bowl, I think everyone can agree on this one.

I swear, we should be part-time comedians. Why aren’t more people talking about this blown lead? In my eyes, there’s not a tweet that better describes the Grizzlies than this tweet here. Memphis Grizzlies vs. Golden State Warriors come back > Brady’s come back.

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