Famed halftime performer is back for Grizzlies’ home opener

The Grizzlies fans love themselves some Red Panda.

If you’re into bowls, unicycles and feet, the following tweet from the Memphis Grizzlies’ official account might mean something to you:

If you don’t know who the woman in the photograph is, that’s the halftime performer who commonly goes by the moniker "Red Panda." 

Her equipment: A unicycle, a bunch of bowls, one head and two willing and able feet.

Her mission: Balance the bowls on her feet and flip them onto her head all while riding the unicycle. 

Many call it the most impressive thing they’ve ever seen. Others realize they’re just watching a woman kick bowls onto her own head. 

After missing the 2013-14 season season with a torn ACL, Red Panda retired before the start of last year. Now, it appears she’s back. Is it for one shot? Multiple? The whole darn season? How many bowls is she going to go through??

We’ll have to wait to find out.

Check out some of her highlights here:


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