Watch Lance Stephenson commit this ‘Shaqtin’ A Fool’-style turnover with pass to no one

A little more practice might be a good thing for Stephenson.

Joe Murphy/NBAE/Getty Images

Lance Stephenson is capable of being a very good NBA player. He’s also capable of doing some of the most ridiculous things you’ll ever seen on the court — and we don’t mean that in a good way.

On Friday night, the Memphis Grizzlies got the bad version of Lance, as Stephenson nearly pulled off an impressive crossover before tossing an errant pass to absolutely no one.

It looks like that’s probably intended for Vince Carter. Probably. It might have been for the small child standing up on the sideline, though, for all we can tell.

In all of Carter’s years in the NBA, we doubt he’s seen very many plays like this one from Stephenson.