Marvel designs super LeBron mask after heroic 61-point game

LeBron James' superhero mask. 

After LeBron James scored an otherworldly 61 points against the Charlotte Bobcats on Monday night, Marvel decided to design a heroic mask for the super Miami Heat player. 

Here’s the picture in full, designed by Greg Land of "Uncanny X-Men" fame: 

James debuted a black mask at last Thursday’s game against the Knicks that inspired its own T-shirt. But then the NBA requested its star to go with transparent headgear.  

Funny, because James had joked with the AP about getting the comic book giant to design a mask for the Heat player after James broke his nose in game vs. Oklahoma City two Thursdays ago. 

All he had to do was reveal his 61-point scoring superpowers to get it. 

H/t to Bleacher Report for the story