Marreese Speights has “kind of lost respect” for LeBron James

Just when you thought things between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors couldn’t get any more petty Sunday afternoon, enter Marreese Speights — who is standing behind his suspended teammate, Draymond Green, with some strong words regarding LeBron’s aggressive actions during Game 4.

Via a report by ESPN’s Ethan Strauss:

"A guy does something like that, you kind of lose respect for him … I had a lot of respect for LeBron over his career, since he was in high school. But, do things like that to get a guy suspended? That kind of disrespectful."


"It’s messed to suspend a man over nothing. If somebody put they’ balls on your head, what you supposed to do? … [Expletive] are on the back of his head. It’s kind of messed up man, but hey."

And in conclusion, Speights is sticking to his story that LeBron instigated the whole altercation:

"On that court, a lot of things are said. People say bad stuff to everybody on the court all the time … You’re just in a situation that, you want to get a guy suspended. You started it. You stepped on a man’s neck. Man ain’t even hit him in the [expletive], though. It’s kind of a messed up situation."

And just when you thought he was done…

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Needless to say, there’s more on the line during Game 5 than just a basketball game — both on and off the court.