Former No. 1 pick Markelle Fultz is mastering his magic act in Orlando

The 2017 NBA Draft has become what it was expected to be: one of the most promising draft classes in recent years.

Players from that class, such as Jayson Tatum, Donovan Mitchell and Bam Adebayo, all entering the realm of stardom.

Guys like De’Aaron Fox…

…and Lonzo Ball are inching closer to leading their respective teams to the playoffs.

Others 2017-ers, such as John Collins, Kyle Kuzma, and OG Anunoby, have carved out roles as high level contributors.

But the forgotten man seems to be the leading man: Markelle Fultz.

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After a tumultuous two-year period with the Philadelphia 76ers – resulting in only 33 games played and various questions about what happened to his shooting form – Fultz was moved to Orlando.

And so far, it’s turned out to be the change of scenery that Fultz needed, as the former No. 1 pick has finally found his footing as point guard for the Magic.

Orlando is currently eighth in the Eastern Conference standings, and Fultz hasn’t just been a guy on the team. He’s been one of the its bright spots.

On the season, Fultz is averaging 11.7 points and 5.2 assists, as well as 1.3 steals.

And he’s beginning to showcase many of the skills that had scouts salivating over him when Fultz was coming out of college.

Fultz competes at the defensive end of the floor, has great feel in the pick and roll, and his big, 6’4 frame, combined with his athleticism at the point guard position, allows him to essentially get wherever he wants on the floor.

And when he gets in the paint, it gets magical.

Majestic, even.

What chicanery!

For the most part, Fultz has been written off as a bust after his stint in Philadelphia, but his time away from the spotlight and high expectations that he faced as the Sixers’ top pick have allowed him to flourish in Orlando.

Fultz has proven himself to be a legitimate starting point guard on an NBA playoff team in what is essentially his “rookie” season.

With the playoffs on the horizon, and the Magic 4.5 games clear of ninth-seeded Washington, it looks like Fultz will have a chance to further reintroduce himself to the NBA world in the playoffs.

He’s shown he is capable of not only producing, but possibly being the best player on the floor any given night.

And if his performance so far this season is any indicator, Fultz still has a few tricks up his sleeve.