Mario Chalmers calls out DeMarcus Cousins for being a flopper

Pot, meet kettle.

Mario Chalmers was irked after being whistled for committing a flagrant foul on DeMarcus Cousins in the fourth quarter of the Miami Heat’s 108-103 overtime loss to the Sacramento Kings on Friday. Nobody on the Heat was in a particularly good mood, anyway, with LeBron James straining a groin to add to his growing list of minor injuries. James and Cousins had a run-in of their own when James wrestled Cousins to the floor late in the Kings’ victory.

On Sacramento’s next possession, Chalmers stepped into the lane to impede Cousins playing off the ball, sending Cousins flailing. Chalmers,the Heat’s starting point guard, apparently thought Cousins exaggerated the contact. He also apparently hasn’t watched his own team play.

Chalmers may have had a point, since the the 6-foot-11, 270-pound Cousins went flying rather easily when he collided with the 6-foot-1, 190-pound Chalmers. But there’s some irony in a member of the Heat, who have taken flopping to new levels of performance art, accusing an opposing player of flopping. Maybe Chalmers was just critiquing Cousins’ technique.

Check out the play in the video below and judge for yourself.