March Madness talk with Alex Nemec – Timeout with Ti Episode 73

On the latest episode of Timeout with Ti, host Ti Windisch sat down with Alex Nemec to talk about the NCAA March Madness tournament.

Hey there. Timeout with Ti is typically an NBA podcast, but since we’re located at HoopsHabit now I thought it was important to value all kinda of basketball. That’s why this episode is dedicated to the NCAA March Madness tournament.

I am no NCAA expert, so most of my knowledge about the tournament is limited to NBA Draft prospects and the two Wisconsin teams involved: Wisconsin and Marquette. I needed help for this.

To that end, first-time podcaster Alex Nemec jumped on to make sure I didn’t say anything too dumb about any of the teams involved in March Madness this year. Alex is the head news editor of the Advance-Titan, UW Oshkosh’s student newspaper. You should follow him on Twitter.

In addition to his love for memes, Alex watches a pretty good amount of college basketball, and filled out multiple brackets. I filled one out too, and we talked about the regions in order.

Most teams at least got mentioned, but specific attention was paid to all of the following teams: Villanova, Duke, North Carolina, UCLA, Kansas, Louisville, Kentucky, Gonzaga, Vanderbilt, Maryland and Arizona.

Also, some players were highlighted a lot. Some are obvious guys: Lonzo Ball, Josh Hart, Josh Jackson, Malik Monk and Luke Kennard. Some are less obvious, like Thomas Welsh.

We didn’t have a chance to get into it, but off air we also argued about changing the March Madness format so top prospects like Markelle Fultz get a play-in game. Alex is firmly against that idea (and fun.)

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Also I need to give credit to Joey Burbs, who provides the most excellent intro and outro music to Timeout with Ti. Joey helps serenade listeners with great music before I come in to ruin the mood.

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