MSG hopes Lin helps sell luxury seats

There is good news for New York Knicks fans who want to snag luxury seats in Madison Square Garden to see if Jeremy Lin can continue his hot streak into next season.

The only hitch — it is going to cost more than $40,000 a seat.

The Garden will open the Madison Club and a new wave of 176 luxury seats next season as part of the second round of renovations for the arena. Ticket holders will get access to not only every Knicks game, but every New York Rangers game and all other sporting events at the Garden. Dog shows are not included.

Individual tickets for the Madison Club start at $42,500 a year and will be sold in packs of two and four.

But unlike most traditional season tickets, this package comes with access to a club roughly the size of 10 corporate suites. The club offers free gourmet food, a private bar and private restrooms.

For fans wanting to go to every Knicks and Rangers home game next season, the Madison Club tickets are the only option left without paying for a private suite. Individual season tickets for both teams have already sold out for next season.

The Garden’s makeover is coinciding with an exciting time for New York sports teams. The Rangers are in first place in the Atlantic Division. And Lin has dazzled basketball fans during his unlikely rise to stardom.

Scott O’Neil, president of MSG Sports, said, "It certainly doesn’t hurt to have someone as dynamic as him," referring to Lin’s impact on luxury ticket sales.

O’Neil said the new package of seats is aimed at small businesses or fans who want season-long access but do not want to pay for a 12-person suite.

Tickets for the Madison Club have been on sale for about three weeks and have been selling "at a good clip," O’Neil said. "We are very comfortable we will sell these out."

But for now, the Madison Club is still a work in progress. That portion of the arena is under construction and will not be ready until the start of the next season.

The Garden wrapped up the first phase of its $980 million top-to-bottom overhaul last summer, adding new court-side suites, two clubs for elite season ticket holders called the 1879 Club and the Delta Club and revamping the locker rooms for the Knicks and Rangers.

The bulk of the work has been taking place during the summer months. MSG officials plan for the entire makeover to be complete by the 2013-14 season.