Lakers’ sad rebound fail pretty much sums up 0-5 start to season

The Los Angeles Lakers are struggling in a big, big way.

The team’s Tuesday night loss to the Phoenix Suns dropped their woeful record to 0-5 to start the NBA season. Obviously, the Lakers aren’t doing much of anything right, and it doesn’t appear they’ll be turning things around any time soon.

With that in mind, hopefully Lakers fans can at least laugh at the situation. Their team certainly gave them that chance Tuesday when three Lakers (three!) went after a rebound after the Suns missed a shot. With no Suns in the neighborhood, it looked like an easy defensive rebound.

The three Lakers jumped into the air at the same time and deflected the ball right to a waiting Suns player.

lakers rebound

Despite the ongoing basketball blooper show going on around him, Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant tried like hell to get his team its first win. Bryant scored 39 points while jacking up 37 shots, but even that wasn’t enough.

"Just get a damn win," Bryant told reporters after the game, via The Associated Press. "You can’t listen to what everybody says. You can’t listen to people. You’ve got to be stubborn as a mule. You’ve got to keep chipping away. Got to keep competing and going after it, and this thing will turn around. Just as easily as we lost five in a row, we can turn around and win five in a row."

The Lakers are 0-5 for the first time since the 1956-57 season.

(GIF via Next Impulse Sports)


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