Nick Young is apparently very much into *NSync

When the game is over, Nick Young can spew some brilliance before saying bye bye bye to teammates.
Leon Bennett/Getty Images

Nick Young might want to start going by *Nick Young.

Yes, God must have spent a little more time on Young, who was bringin’ da noise after the Lakers tore up the Pistons’ hearts Sunday for their second victory of the season. 

Young is many things: Lakers wing, bench scorer, locker room character … *NSync fan?

Oh, there’s this, too:

Good win … Way to be NSync out there 👀😂😂

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Here we go to the more important stuff, though: How are the Backstreet Boys supposed to feel about these sorts of comments after they spent an entire performance (a magical performance, mind you) paying tribute to Young’s current team?

In reality, though, Young has to be able to relate to current-day *NSync. Yes, current-day *NSync. 

Remember when the band reunited at the 2013 VMAs for a two-minute segment during the 15-minute-long Justin Timberlake medley? More than a decade after their last album, Timberlake had become JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE and J.C. Chasez was that guy who was in *NSync with JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE. So, after the act ended, J.C., who got only about 20 seconds of soloing during the two minutes, yelped out a wholly unacknowledged and fully unnecessary "Baby, baby, baby!" His lips belted those three words, but his face read, "Look at me! I still got it!"

But he wasn’t the star, no longer J.T.’s equal as he was back in 1999. All he wanted was to go back to a time 12 years ago when he could chuck up all the shots he wanted. It was a supremely Lakers performance. 

Just don’t tell Nick Young that.

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