Iggy Azalea pokes fun at Nick Young, Lakers: ‘Did you see last season?’

Sorry, Nick. Your squeeze is just keeping it real.

Kevin Mazur/MTV1415/WireImage

The 2014-15 season didn’t go so well for the Los Angeles Lakers, although that poor record ended up giving Los Angeles the No. 2 overall pick. And the Lakers’ struggles last season were apparent especially to Iggy Azalea, who recently joined the Australian radio program "Hamish & Andy." In a span of just a minute, Azalea makes fun of her fiance Nick Young for the way he telegraphed his proposal, for forgetting how much he spent on the engagement ring and, yes, for his on-court play last season.

On the topic of the ring, Azalea said that she’d mentioned a possible need for security when she attended games this summer along with Young. After all, she was wearing $700,000 worth of jewelry. Young’s response? "Where?" 

Although Young might have forgotten about the ring at that moment, it was certainly on his mind on the night of the engagement. Azalea said she had an idea it was coming, as Young was asking her that night if she would marry him if he were hypothetically to pop the question. That’s not a dead giveaway at all!

And finally, Azalea was asked about Young practicing while the couple is in Australia. He’s a Laker! Does he really need to practice, the radio hosts asked? "He does. I mean, did you see the last season?"

That’s just stone cold, Ms. Azalea. Stone. Cold.

(h/t The Big Lead)