WATCH: Lakers’ Larry Nance Jr. posterizes John Henson

Larry Nance Jr., much like his father, has already proven he can flat-out embarrass NBA defenders with his aerial assaults

His latest victim: The Milwaukee Bucks’ John Henson, a long rim-protector who was clearly caught off guard by Nance Jr.’s finishing ability when he rotated over to block his shot. 

See for yourself:

Henson’s job is to protect the rim, but it’s obvious he didn’t read the scouting report on Nance Jr. Though still a relatively raw offensive player, Nance Jr. has quickly shown he can get up with the best of them, and taught Henson his lesson by putting him on a poster.

The reason Nance Jr. was even open was because he set a screen — even if he didn’t fully connect on Khris Middleton — and properly rolled into the open sliver of space. That’s how some of Blake Griffin’s best dunks happened early in his career, and we can expect much of the same from Nance Jr.