Kobe advises critics who call him selfish to ‘count to 5’

Just imagine the thousands of mentions that Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant must receive on Twitter in any given day. It’s unfathomable, really. The man has 6.73 million followers; if just five percent of those people @ him, that’s 336,550 mentions per day, or almost 234 mentions per minute.

So it likely takes an extraordinary tweet to catch the Bryant’s eye. He’s been in a social mood lately, and on Saturday, he deigned to answer a single question on social media with yet another snappy retort.

Asked how he responds to people who call him a selfish basketball player, Bryant replied that it’s academic; anyone who has that opinion need just count his championship jewelry.

Listen, when your friend uses "count the rings" as evidence in an argument at your local watering hole, it really doesn’t carry much weight. But when the guy who actually has the rings uses that as a comeback, there’s not much anyone can do about it.