Can Kawhi Leonard be ‘the next Kobe Bryant’?

Kawhi Leonard needs to launch about 45 more shots per game before anyone compares him to Kobe Bryant.

Often throughout Kobe Bryant's career, many people compared him to Michael Jordan. Bryant was the shoot-first ball dominator who'd replace the game's very best with a comparable style and maniacal drive. In some ways, he did.

So, now that the Los Angeles Lakers' great is just about finished, who's the next Kobe? According to Sports Illustrated's Chris Mannix, the answer is Kawhi Leonard:

This makes sense on some levels, but Leonard plays a different position within an unselfish team-first system that would drive Bryant insane. 

The San Antonio Spurs' new franchise player is also more efficient. He doesn't hunt shots so much as he scours for opportunities. 

It's tough to compare anyone to an all-time great, but Leonard will surely take the compliment. 

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