Lakers’ Buss in ‘complete support’ of wearable advertisements

The Lakers clarify their tune.
Allen Berezovsky/WireImage

Last week, it was reported that the Los Angeles Lakers were one of a few NBA teams that voted against the implementation of wearable advertisements:

But in a recent appearance on USA Today’s NBA A to Z podcast, Lakers owner Jeannie Buss refuted that initial report’s phrasing (via USA Today):

“I'm in complete support of having that opportunity…My concern was just the thought process behind it and really ‘What would be best for all of our partners, all of our sponsors, rights holders, players?’…It affects a lot of people, so I guess for it to come out that I was against a patch on the jersey, that isn't the case. I appreciate the opportunity to clarify that I'm in complete support of it. It was more about considering all the different aspects of a decision like that.”

Buss says she’s in full support but doesn’t deny voting against the proposal. It’s an elaborate issue that also appears to be a realistic probability in the very near future. 

Ad patches were placed on jerseys during All-Star Weekend and nobody cared or noticed enough to raise a stink.

Obviously, the optics aren’t as much of an issue as the elaborate economic complications, and to a team like the Lakers — with ownership that’s especially invested in every league-wide financial decision that affects their bottom line — this needs careful thought.