Doc Rivers discusses DeAndre Jordan flip-flop, doesn’t get why emojis are funny

Doc Rivers has been asked about DeAndre Jordan's free-agency decision somewhere between 400 and a bajillion times since Jordan changed his mind, scorned the Mavericks and chose to re-sign with the Clippers back in the first week of July. His answers haven't changed much…until now.

Sure, the theme of what Doc has said is about the same, except now, Doc is throwing in a little something about his thoughts on the emoji war which made the day so entertaining.

Here's what he had to say, via Arash Markazi of ESPN:

If your recall, Chandler Parsons incited a Twitter war with the Clippers once rumors of Jordan's reneging with Dallas started. Parsons tweeted an emoji of an airplane, implying he was flying to Houston to meet with Jordan at his home.

J.J. Redick, who drove up from Austin, TX, responded by tweeting an emoji of a car. Blake Griffin tweeted a helicopter. Chris Paul, of whom a photo on a banana boat had just gone viral, tweeted a banana and a boat. Mike Woodson tweeted a swimming man. Pierce tweeted a piece of what seemed to be clip art, though Redick said he just has weird emojis on his phone.

It was fun. It was entertaining. You'll realize that one day, Doc.

(h/t ESPN)

That whole [flip-flop] day was comical. It was hilarious because it was portrayed as one thing, but it was so not that. But it was funny as hell. We’re sitting there laughing because we’re all over his house watching TV. And every time one of those stupid little memes, whatever they call them — yeah, emojis. I felt like Paul [Pierce], with the rocketship, I didn’t even get that. Like, why was that so funny? And they were like, that’s not it at all. They told me.

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