Reiter: Even if Clips retain DJ, he and CP3 still ‘hate each other’

Will the emojis be enough to trump the emotions here?

After a frantic, day-long adventure that played out largely (and often hilariously) on social media, the Los Angeles Clippers reportedly believe they may be on the verge of retaining DeAndre Jordan, the talented free-agent center who just days ago had verbally vowed to join the Dallas Mavericks — and who now apparently is harboring second thoughts.

When reports first emerged Wednesday that Jordan might be reconsidering his choice, members of both teams mobilized on Twitter with a barrage of emojis, and they reportedly followed up those virtual salvos with real-world action. Per Yahoo Sports/FOX Sports 1 NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski:

One of the main questions here, of course, is just how well Jordan might receive the presence of Paul. Relations between the two stars are allegedly strained, and it’s unclear whether having CP3 in these meetings helps or hurts L.A.’s case.

FOX Sports 1 insider Bill Reiter was a bit more blunt about it Wednesday on "America’s Pregame," saying that the two players "hate each other, they still can’t stand each other."

Moreover, as Woj notes, the Mavericks as of now are still in the running:

And it’s hard to bet against Mark Cuban, right?

It’s something the Clippers themselves apparently are well aware of:

Free agents can officially sign as of midnight Eastern Thursday. With the Clippers intending to stay at Jordan’s house until then, this situation may resolve itself very soon.