Tale of the tape: Black Llama vs. Black Mamba

A black llama (not THE Black Llama, admittedly) and the Black Mamba, Lakers star Kobe Bryant.

Photo Illustration/FOXSports.com

Oh, the wonders of the Internet.

On Thursday, a pair of rogue llamas captured our attention — at least for about 15 minutes before we moved on to the next buzzy thing, a mysterious dress.

The llamas — one white, the other black — were visiting a retirement community in the Phoenix area before getting loose and running amok in the streets of Arizona. The incident was national news and spawned copious Twitter chatter. Many in the sports world even took notice.

In case you somehow missed this, stop right now and watch this video:

On Friday, CNN interviewed the man who helped catch the Black Llama, which we are hereby turning into a proper noun. For some reason, it got us thinking. How does the Black Llama compare to Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant, aka Black Mamba?

Stay with us here, and let’s go to the tale of the tape.


Record in Arizona 1-0 (we’ll call it a victory) 20-27 (including playoffs)
Twitter followers A few hundred 6.3 million
Best tweet Introduction to the world:

Blaming an injury on passing too much:

Sidekick White Llama Shaquille O’Neal
NBA titles won Zero Five
NBA titles won without sidekick Zero Two
Last time running for an hour straight on TV Thursday, vs. police Jan. 21, vs. Pelicans
Enduring image of them vs. the world
Current status Back at the ranch Out for the season
Thoughts on retirement Fled retirement community Has ‘crossed my mind’

What do you think? Who gets the nod?