This little Thunder fan dressed as Steven Adams just won the playoffs

Welp. Call it all off. It’s over.

We had a good run, but the real professionals are here now, and it’s time to shut the playoffs down and pay respect where it’s due. 

Please award a Ring Pop and/or the Larry O’Brien trophy to "Lil’ Stache Bro"—a young Oklahoma City Thunder fan dressed up as center/brooding warrior genie Steven Adams.

This is strong work.

Lil Stache Bro in Thunder Alley.

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Lil’ Stache Bro nails Adams at a granular level, from the tats down to the hair and puzzled stoicism. I’m just glad he’s too young to fully appreciate the stomache-flipping carnage wrecked upon Adams in Game 4. 

Dan is on Twitter. Lil’ Stache Bro forever.