Lessons learned in Houston Rockets first 10 games of 2015-16

Space City Scoop looks back on the Houston Rockets 2015-16 season noting how  each 10 game segment  factored.

First up let’s look at the first ten game segments, and review how the Houston Rockets began last season. Notably the Rockets began the season on a 3-game losing streak, then they promptly followed that up with a 4 game win streak.

Review of the teams the Rockets played also highlighted the fact James Harden and company came into the season not ready for prime time.

Game 1,  Denver Nuggets – 85-105 loss

Although no one was panicking after the first game when the Rockets lost to the Denver Nuggets it did raise some concerns. First and foremost it was expected Ty Lawson would be prepared to make a statement. But his lack luster effort signaled the beginning of the end for the diminutive point guard. Furthermore, a 20-point blow-out isn’t exactly the way Houston wanted to launch their campaign.  Full review of the game is available via this link

Game 2, Golden State Warriors – 92-112 loss

This marked the first meeting between the Western Conference Finalists. It was thought the Rockets would show up with something to prove. Instead, it was a second consecutive beat down by over 20 points. A full game review plus Warrior roster changes and scheduled meetings can be found via this link.

Game 3, Miami Heat – 89-109 loss

For the third consecutive game the Rockets were handed their hats with another 20 point loss. The fact the Rockets were losing wasn’t as big of an issue as how they were losing. Shortly after coach McHale singled out James Harden for not arriving to start the season in shape. Still, the 3 losses weren’t solely Harden’s fault. Rather, the entire team seemed to rest on their laurels of reaching the Western Conference Finals and seemingly expected to excel. The pre, post game, grades along with Warrior roster changes and scheduled games between the two teams can be found via this link.

Game 4, Oklahoma City Thunder – 110-105 win

James Harden raises his level of play each time he faces his former team. Therefore it was anticipated ‘The Beard’ would not disappoint. OKC arrived unbeaten to face the win-less Rockets. Consequently it wasn’t surprising Harden produced his best effort of the season.  Full review of the match including pregame, post game, grades and OKC roster changes plus scheduled games with the Rockets can be found via this link.

Game 5, Orlando Magic – 119-115 win

Following their first win of the season the Rockets entered the match versus the Magic confident. Orlando began the season competing hard in every game and pushed the Rockets to overtime before succumbing. Full game review, Magic roster changes and scheduled games vs Houston can be found via this link.

Game 6, Sacramento Kings – 116-110 win

With two W’s in the win column the Rockets entered game 6 of the season seeking to even their overall record. Replicating the last several seasons the Kings vacillated between moments of brilliance and a complete lack of discipline. Full pre and post game details along with roster changes and scheduled games versus the Rockets this coming season can be found via this link.

Game 7, Los Angeles Clippers – 109-105 win

After getting out to their worst start in franchise history the Houston Rockets put together an impressive 4-game win streak. Pundits thought the initial 3-game losing streak was an aberration, but little did they know it was just a sign of the inconsistency Houston would display all season. Full pre and post game reviews along with LAC roster changes and scheduled games vs the Rockets this season can be viewed via this link.

Game 8, Brooklyn Nets – 98-106 loss

In what would become an ongoing narrative the Houston Rockets would beat top tier teams like the Thunder and Clippers and then get easily thrashed by lottery teams.  This contest versus Brooklyn was yet another reminder Houston had plenty of work to do especially on the defensive end of the court. Full game review in addition to Nets roster moves and scheduled games versus the Rockets in 2016-17 is available here.

Game 9, Denver Nuggets – 98-107 loss

If you thought the Rockets would learn from their opening game of the season not to take the Nuggets for granted you would have been wrong. Once more Denver made the Houston Rockets look like a sub par team and highlighted the major issues the Rockets had defensively. Further, the Ty Lawson trade began to rear it’s ugly head as a massive mistake. Lawson did not score a point versus his former team. Full review of the game and summer changes for Denver can be found here.

Game 10, Dallas Mavericks – 98-110 loss

Ten games into the season the Rockets faced their first division rival on a another 3 game losing streak. Houston continued to showcase issues defensively consequently the team’s chemistry issues were growing on and off the court. Full review of game 10 plus Mavericks roster changes and games versus Houston this season

In review of the first 10 games of 2015-16 was notable for streaks: 3 losses to open the season followed by 4 wins and back to 3 losses. Next up, a look at Rockets games 11 through 20 of 2015-16

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