LeBron rides bike to work – even before some games

LeBron James rides his bike to work all the time, usually

without anyone noticing.

Looks like that’s changing.

James’ bike ride to work before the Miami Heat played the

Chicago Bulls on Sunday was caught by some photographers, and

suddenly became quite a talking point. James says he doesn’t

understand what all the fuss is about, especially since he chooses

pedal-power over horse-power on a fairly regular basis.

Of course, his bike is not like any other – custom-made, even

with his ”King James” name emblazoned on the frame.

James has long been a fan of cycling, and has hosted several

offseason bike rides to draw attention to charitable causes in his

Akron, Ohio, hometown during his NBA career.

And for the record, James drove to work Monday. He scored 22

points as Miami beat New Orleans 109-95 on Monday night.