Don’t let LeBron James overshadow what Zion Williamson did on Tuesday night

LeBron James is a believer in Zion Williamson.

How do we know?

James scored 40 on him.

Well, it wasn’t all on him. But you get the gist.

James set out to make a statement. He made it and it meant something.

What it meant was Zion is coming. And he’s coming fast.

As much as LeBron dominated the New Orleans Pelicans last night…

…Williamson dominated the Los Angeles Lakers.

Zion has made a habit out of uprooting grown men on his way to the basket, and Tuesday night was no different.

Do you see the disregard for the defender that Zion employs when attacking the rim?

It’s rude. It’s very rude.

The only knock on his game has nothing to do with his game and everything to do with his weight.

But with the way he’s mastered using that weight, it might be best he keep it.

There was a report this week that Zion currently weighs over 300 pounds.

We’re not sure if that’s accurate or not, but we don’t care, mainly because he can do this and we like to see it.

Keep eating, young fella!

Outside of his NBA debut, last night was the biggest game of Zion’s career.

National TV. Los Angeles Lakers. On the road. LeBron James.

Somewhat shockingly, it was LeBron that treated it like a huge showcase game, even more than Zion.

Probably because he knew that for the first time in a long time, there is a new kid on the block, looking to take over the mantle as coolest kid in the game.

And despite LeBron’s 40-point outburst, which was a season-high…

…Zion did not disappoint in the least.

We can’t ignore the fact that he missed six free throws. If he makes one of those, he has his third 30-point game in his first 14 NBA games.

Special is accurate, LeBron.

After the game, the two were nothing but congratulatory of each other.

Way to respect your elders, Zion.

Nothing surprised us either, LeBron.

And we won’t be surprised when Zion eventually takes over as face of the league.