LeBron James won’t let his kids play football?

LeBron James is a noted football fan, but he reportedly wants his children to stick to basketball, baseball and soccer.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The increased attention to head injuries in football has led to some big names coming out to say they wouldn’t let their children play.

Former NFL great Kurt Warner said he would prefer his sons didn’t play. Brett Favre has said he’d be "leery" of it.

Even President Barack Obama has said he wouldn’t let his son play … and he doesn’t even have one.

Now it appears LeBron James falls into that camp, too, according to a tweet from ESPN’s Chris Broussard.

This is also somewhat notable because James was a receiver on his high school football team and has repeatedly teased/joked about joining the NFL someday.

Still, it looks like baseball, soccer and hoops only for the James boys.

(h/t The Big Lead)