LeBron James uses a nitrogen chamber, looks like a superhuman (VIDEO)

Perhaps it's his frozen pod that makes LeBron so chilly towards coach David Blatt.

David Richard/David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Cavaliers need LeBron James to muster every bit of greatness he has in him these playoffs. Without Kevin Love, Ohio's roster is undermanned to say the least, and more weight than ever falls on the shoulders of their perennial MVP candidate.

Good thing James is doing everything he can to keep his singular, often alien-seeming body in shape. Look at him standing eerily in this liquid nitrogen chamber:

James and other well-funded athletes go into these crazy looking devices for a few minutes at a time, and its arctic vibes apparently help them stave off the profound exhaustion that goes into their work.

We'll see how much LeBron's wild technology helps him this weekend, as he tries leading his Cavs past the Chicago Bulls in their deadlocked 1-1 second-round series.