LeBron James talks Stephen Curry smile, Akron bond on ‘Ellen’ (video)

Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James recently appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where he discussed his competitor Stephen Curry’s smile and their Akron bond.

NBA superstar LeBron James dropped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show recently. During his visit, he spoke about winning the championship, taking time off, and his competitor Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors. Ellen mentioned that the Warriors star will be one of her guests next week.

When asked about Curry, LeBron said he’s a great guy, but warned everyone not to be fooled.

“He’s definitely a great guy,” LeBron said. “He’s a fierce competitor, I’ll tell you that, so don’t get fooled by that smile when he comes up here.”

LeBron also brought up what may be a little-known fact about his competitor. He talked about how it’s great that both he and Curry are among the “most talked about athletes” and both were born in Akron, Ohio.

Just for fun, Ellen challenged King James to a shootout. The two threw crumpled pieces of paper at moving waste baskets on a table several feet in front of them. LeBron had to take a shot of vodka for every shot Ellen made in the waste paper basket. Ellen ended up winning 3-2. After all, this was her court!

Something else LeBron mentioned is his inability to really take any time off from his workout schedule. When asked if he works out while on vacation, LeBron replied “a little bit.”

When probed further about it, he said he works out pretty much daily, even when vacationing. That may be why he’s one of the elite players in the NBA and will be in search of a fourth NBA title this coming season.

LeBron and the Cavaliers begin their championship defense at home on Nov. 1 against the Houston Rockets. He’ll see smiling Steph along with new teammate Kevin Durant for the first time on Christmas Day in Cleveland.

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