King vs. president? LeBron takes Ice Bucket Challenge, tags Obama

LeBron James has issued a challenge to President Obama, and it isn't a pickup hoops game.

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Can a king change a president’s mind?

President Obama already has declined the now-ubiquitous ice-bucket challenge designed to raise awareness of ALS. (Per reports, the White House says Obama will instead donate $100 in the fight against Lou Gehrig’s disease).

But that initial challenge was from 86-year-old Ethel Kennedy, widow of former Sen. Robert F. Kennedy. And while the president has plenty of experience negotiating in political circles, what will Obama — an avid basketball fan — do now that he’s been called out by the biggest hoops star on the planet?

Days after Team USA basketball also challenged the commander in chief, LeBron James upped the ante. James himself accepted the challenge Sunday that had been issued to him by several luminaries, including fellow NBA superstar Kevin Durant. The video was posted to James’ Instagram account, with the following caption:

The ball is now firmly in the president’s court, and he has 24 hours to respond.

What do you think? Will Obama accept the challenge? Donate more money? Both?