LeBron James offers to mentor Odell Beckham Jr.

LeBron James understands the heat lamp of criticism that comes with mega-stardom.

The Cleveland Cavaliers’ star is in New York Saturday for a meeting with the Knicks, and at the shootaround he spoke about another star in another sport who also seems to find his share of the glare.

James told NJ.com he would be happy to mentor Giants wideout Odell Beckham Jr. on how to handle the media — and all-around spotlight.

“I just try to be a guidance to him and give him words of advice when he needs it and when he wants it,” James said before the Cavaliers’ shootaround at Madison Square Garden. “He can reach out to me any time no matter what time or what the subject is and I just try to give him a piece of my knowledge. It’s up to him however he wants to take it.”

James is eight years older than Beckham. He also explained how he deals with constant criticism.

“At the end of the day, you control what you can control,” James said. “What I can control is how I approach the game, what I represent to the game and how I step out on the floor and compete every night with my teammates. That’s the only thing I can worry about and should focus on.”

Whether James’ mentorship would make a difference for Beckham might be up for debate, however, as Colin Cowherd recently argued the NBA coddles talent while the NFL hardens its stars.