Reports: LeBron won’t be union prez

LeBron James has decided not to run for president of the National Basketball Players Association, according to multiple reports.

James told FOX Sports’ Bill Reiter on Saturday that he was considering a run at the position, which came open this summer when Derek Fisher’s term expired. The union also needs to name a new executive director to replace Billy Hunter.

"It’s something I’m engaged in, understanding where our union is at right now. It’s not in a bright spot today with the departure of Billy Hunter and we’re looking for so many spots to be filled, so it’s something that I will look into," James told Reiter.

"The one thing that concerns me from a personal standpoint is my time. I don’t have a lot of time. … And if I feel like I can’t give everything to be the president of the union, then I will not do it because I’ll be cheating not only myself but cheating the 400-plus players and the people around that deserve to have someone who is fully committed."

James called Heat teammate and NBPA secretary-treasurer James Jones on Monday and told him that he would not run for president or vice president of the union, according to USA Today.

James could have given the NBPA a voice with major star power, something it hasn’t had in many years.

The union also has been mired in controversy recently. Fisher and Hunter are involved in a legal battle over Hunter’s firing for misuse of union money.

The NBPA plans to meet next week in Las Vegas and vote for a new president. NBPA executive committee vice president Roger Mason Jr. has emerged as a strong candidate to replace Fisher, according to USA Today. James may back the possible candidacy of Jones, his Heat teammate.

"If it’s not me," James told Reiter, "hopefully we can have someone in that position who understands how important it is, and getting it back to where it should be."