The ‘Is LeBron clutch?’ debate is just one in a long line of debates between him and Michael Jordan

Serious question: Will the LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan debates ever end?

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We knew the answer before we asked the question.

The Los Angeles Lakers lost at home to the Brooklyn Nets on Tuesday night, and a few late-game plays from James had the Twitter world buzzing.

LeBron probably knows he should have made that.

Then, this happened.

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Nets stun Lakers at Staples Center. 👀

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Simple basketball play by LeBron: drive the lane, draw the defense, kick to the open man.

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But of course, nothing is simple when it comes to LeBron.

Rev up your engines because here we go again!

The debate is back on.

Is LeBron clutch? How can he be better than Jordan if he’s not clutch?

How does a missed LeBron layup and a great pass turn into a debate involving Jordan?

Because at this point in his career, outdoing Jordan is all that’s left for James to do.

The good thing about having this clutch-LeBron-Jordan debate today is that we have access to more stats than we’ve ever had before.

Let’s take the perceived ‘clutchest’ player ever (Jordan) and one of today’s perceived ‘clutchest’ players (Kawhi Leonard), and compare them to James.

Those are some telling statistics.

But see, the thing with statistics is, there is always circumstance. For example, maybe Kawhi doesn’t have as many game-winning shots because he hasn’t had as many opportunities to hit game-winning.

There is also context.

If LeBron doesn’t pass to a wide-open Anthony Davis, and James misses a contested shot, would people fault him for making a selfish play?

Surely they would.

And keep in mind, when the defense keyed in on MJ…

…he passed, too.

He passed often.

The internet is such a treasure trove.

LeBron and Michael are great in their own ways. GOAT and clutch are both subjective terms.

Will we ever be able to agree on who is more GOAT-ier and who is more clutch?

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Cool. Then let’s just agree they’re both great.