LeBron, Heat nearly hit by overpass

Maybe you think you have always wanted to see LeBron James get his block knocked off, but you might change your mind when you watch it nearly happen for real.

The potential for sheer horror in the video above is shockingly high and everyone’s reaction to it is disconcertingly casual. It doesn’t look like the vehicle in which the Heat were traveling in their victory parade is moving fast enough that anybody could have been killed. Most likely we’re talking about a pretty good lump on the noggin. But still. That’s James and the Miami Heat waving to the crowd and nearly getting their heads driven right into an overpass.

They all duck just in time and you think it’s over, and then it happens again and then LeBron starts standing up while they’re still under it and from the low angle it looks like we’re about to watch The King get de-crowned.

Nobody was hurt though, which is good. The irony would have been too cruel. The most indestructible player in the world, a man who has never had a major injury in nine NBA seasons, getting taken out during the parade?

”It hasn’t hit me yet,” James said of his newest championship.

Boy, it almost did.