LeBron is introduced by ‘LeBron James kid’ in final game in Sacramento

Wednesday marked LeBron James’s final game at Sleep Train Arena (formerly known as Arco Arena) before the Kings move into their new arena next season, so the team decided to surprise James, who played the first regular-season game of his career in Sacramento 13 years ago, with the "LeBron James kid" during pre-game intros:

For those who aren’t aware, the "LeBron James kid" became a thing nearly two years ago, when Vine user "DARius" uploaded this video, which now has 52.5 million loops:

Like the real LeBron, the loyalty of the "LeBron James kid" must be questioned, as he was recruited by the Kings for their All-Star campaign for DeMarcus Cosuins in January, momentarily becoming the "DeMarcus Cousins kid":

Regardless of whose side the "LeBron James/DeMarcus Cousins kid" is on, this was a nice gesture by the Kings for the King in his final appearance in the building where he started his NBA career.

And, as is the case whenever you watch the "LeBron James kid," good luck getting "LeBron James" out of your head.

Jovan Buha covers the NBA for FOX Sports. Follow him on Twitter: @jovanbuha.