LeBron hints at secret motivation that’s fueling title run

LeBron James isn’t lacking for motivation in the NBA Finals.

Most people wrote off the Cavaliers once Kyrie Irving suffered a season-ending injury, the second season-ending injury to a star Cavs player (Kevin Love, dislocated shoulder). LeBron is trying to end Cleveland’s 51-year championship drought and there’s always the people who will criticize LeBron no matter what he does.

But despite all this, LeBron says there’s something else that is fueling this title run. Only problem is he says he won’t reveal it unless the Cavaliers win the championship.

"I don’t need any extra motivation," James said Sunday night. "I think our guys love it. Our guys love the fact that we’ve been counted out and come into the series being an underdog. They’re pretty much saying that especially after Kyrie got hurt and the series was over.

"I think our guys are using that as motivation. I use a little bit of it, but I have a lot of motivation already to just be a part of greatness and be a part of this and be a part of this atmosphere.

"My motivation is to make sure my guys are ready and prepared every night we step on the floor. And I have some other motivation that I won’t talk about right now, but I have so many different things to worry about than being an underdog or guys counting us out."

So what could this secret motivation be? With the Cavs heavy underdogs, we might never know. But if LeBron can keep putting up historic performances and Steph Curry continues to struggle, we might find out sooner or later.