Watch LeBron’s Oscar-worthy flop when his own teammate hits him

The Cleveland Cavaliers flopped in Game 3 at Toronto on Saturday night, and no one flopped harder than LeBron James.

LeBron, who’s complained that hard fouls on him aren’t being called flagrant, totally sold one late in the first half, after being struck while getting in the middle of a tussle between DeMarre Carroll and Tristan Thompson.

LeBron recoiled and then flew to the floor, prompting referee Ken Mauer to whistle the Raptors for a foul.

The thing is, LeBron’s teammate Thompson was the one who hit him. The play was reviewed and the call was waived off.

But not before everyone watching LeBron’s Oscar-worthy performance got a good laugh.

Then in the third quarter, LeBron converted a tough and-1 while getting wrapped up by DeMar DeRozan, which made everyone appreciate his acting job even more.

Afterward, LeBron laughed about it and denied trying to "sell a call."