LeBron’s response to why he hung out with D-Wade: ‘Because I want to’

LeBron James had to know his workout with former teammate Dwyane Wade would get the NBA world talking.

But if you think he’s losing sleep over what you think about him and his good pal hanging out, think again.

"I don’t care," James told reporters after Cavs practice Thursday when asked about how his gym time with a potential playoff foe would be viewed.

All this started when one of LeBron’s trainers posted this.

So why did the King head to South Beach for two days instead of stay in Cleveland?

"What do I go there for? Go there ’cause I want to," James said Thursday. "I would love to go to L.A., but I’ll take 2 1/2 [hour flight] over 4 1/2. I’ve got a house in L.A. but it makes more sense for me to go South than go West. But I go because I want to."

It will be interesting to see how all this sits with the Cavaliers.