It looks like the Cavs were delayed by customs while trying to enter Canada

If the Cleveland Cavaliers never make it to Game 3, then maybe the Toronto Raptors can finally pick up a win.

Nothing else has worked for the Raptors, as the Cavs have won the first two games by a combined 50 points. So instead of trying to stop Cleveland on the court, the Raptors have apparently partnered with Canadian customs to slow LeBron James and his crew.

Okay, fine, there’s almost certainly nothing malicious going on here. But it’s quite the coincidence that on Friday, the Cavs were seemingly delayed by authorities as they entered the country.

Via Richard Jefferson’s Snapchat, courtesy of Twitter user Cleveland_Fanz:

Smart move by Matthew Dellavedova not to get involved in any official declarations of shenanigans against the customs officials. And we feel bad for Tristan Thompson, whose Canadian citizenship isn’t enough to help his team into the country.

Waiting for customs to let us in like…

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But did Jefferson have to make fun of one of the members of the Cleveland training staff? He’s just trying to keep you healthy, sir. You don’t have to take your travel-related frustrations out on him.

And to think, LeBron had predicted everything would go just fine because they had Thompson with them. It’s all right, LeBron. You can’t win them all — unless we’re talking about all of the Eastern Conference finals games, that is.