You won’t believe how high LeBron James’ voice can go

LeBron James' singing voice isn't quite as beautiful as his post game.
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been a strange couple of weeks for LeBron James, LeBron James’ Twitter account and LeBron James’ basketball team. 

Heading into Monday night’s home game against the depleted Memphis Grizzlies, the Cleveland Cavaliers were heavy favorites looking to smooth everything out and get back on the right track. Instead, they lost by three, and turned the ball over an astounding 25 times. 

Moments before the game started, a singing LeBron raced out of the locker room, and, well, who knew his voice could go so high?

This might be the strangest sound to ever trumpet out of James’ mouth, and goes to show he might have hired a vocal coach since the last time we heard him really sing:

The tune’s oddity makes you wonder if the pressure of this season, combined with Golden State’s total dominance and all the in-house drama LeBron’s caused/dealt with, has finally scrambled his brain.

James finished Monday’s game with an efficient 28 points on 19 shots. He grabbed nine rebounds, distributed five assists and finished 2 for 4 behind the 3-point line (including a clutch trey with time running out and Cleveland down by four points).

In other words, he did his part. But the rest of the Cavaliers struggled. Kevin Love and J.R. Smith missed 10 of their 11 combined 3s, and Kyrie Irving coughed up seven turnovers.  

It shouldn’t be a topic of discussion quite yet, but if Cleveland doesn’t even reach the NBA Finals, this team could very well have a different set of stars on it next season.

And LeBron may not be one of them.