Check out this kid with LeBron James shaved into the side of his head

When will LeBron shave LeBron into the side of LeBron's head, though?

It makes all the sense in the world that a kid would look up to and root for LeBron James. We’re just not sure it’s a good idea to take haircut cues from the Cleveland Cavaliers forward.

On the other hand, if your James-inspired cut is as awesome as the one sported by this young Cavs fan on Monday night, then do as you please:

Pretty cool, kid. But you have some competition in the realm of NBA-inspired haircuts. One fan took a similar route with Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant, adding a touch of color and an OKC logo. Potentially to the chagrin of James, the San Antonio Spurs’ recent playoff runs have also been cause for coiffure-based celebration and expression.

As for the Cavs, Cleveland knocked off the visiting Indiana Pacers 100-96 thanks to 33 points (alongside one not-so-great play) from James. When the four-time MVP was locked in against Paul George’s crew, he looked like the LeBron of old. And with that generous hairline, the version of James on the side of this kid’s head is pretty vintage, too.