Just like every other superhero, LeBron has his Kryptonite

LeBron James feels to make sure his face is in order after hitting the deck Tuesday night in Houston.

Bob Levey/Getty Images

Superman has Kryptonite. Iron Man? His heart.

Early Tuesday, we learned Marvel is designing a super hero mask for LeBron James. Then on Tuesday night, we learned James’ weakness — that darned nose.

James originally broke the nose vs. Oklahoma City last month and has been wearing a protective mask since. A day after dropping a career-high 61 points on Charlotte wearing said mask to vault into the super hero stratosphere, James and his Justice League (the Miami Heat) traveled to Houston to take on the evil Dr. Dwight Howard (though, to be fair, Howard calls himself Superman) and his band of minions, the Rockets.

After a 19-point first half, the King struggled out of intermission and spent much of the fourth quarter on the bench.

Nonetheless, the Heat trailed by only three in the final minute and James was back on the floor. Then this happened.

That’s right, another shot to the nose. Our hero was able to get to his feet and return to the game, but alas, the villain got the last laugh. James’ desperation 3 in an effort to tie the game failed to connect, with Howard in his face.

The final: Rockets 106, Heat 103.

The ugly details: 22 points for James, but only three points on 1-of-7 shooting in the second half

"I knew I had to put up a heave over top of him," James said. "I felt like I got a good look — just a little long."

What was more alarming was James’ declaration before the game that he was "extremely tired" and spent most on Tuesday sleeping.

For those who missed it, here is that mask:

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