Warriors’ Draymond Green encourages Raiders fans to boycott games in Oakland

Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green has a message for Raiders fans who are about to see their team relocate to Las Vegas: Don’t show up to the remaining games in Oakland.

After the Warriors took care of the Houston Rockets on Tuesday night, Green weighed in on the NFL’s decision to allow owner Mark Davis to move his team to the Nevada desert.

“It’s crazy. I feel bad for the city of Oakland, man. I don’t even know how that’s going to work, honestly, with a football team moving to Las Vegas. I feel bad for the city. If I was a fan, I wouldn’t attend a game for the next three years. But that’s just me.

“That’s ridiculous. No way I would pay my money to attend a game. That’s like moving the Dallas Cowboys or like moving the Packers. Like, moving the Raiders? You can move a lot of teams. Ain’t many fan bases like the Raiders fan base, so. It’s like moving the Boston Celtics from Boston or the Lakers from L.A., like, you just don’t move certain franchises with the fan base that they have. So it’s one thing if you’re moving from Oakland to Fremont or something, you know, but to Las Vegas? I wouldn’t attend a game.

“I won’t attend a game. And I’m not a diehard Raiders fan, but I do support the city of Oakland, so, I feel like all fans should feel that way. You just don’t do that. Like, come on, man. That’s ridiculous.”

The Raiders plan to remain in Oakland until their new stadium in Las Vegas is completed, likely ahead of the 2020 season. That leaves the franchise in the awkward situation of trying to hawk tickets to fans in the Bay Area while simultaneously taking deposits for season tickets in Vegas.

Of course, those with a keen sense of perspective might point out the Warriors themselves are leaving Oakland for San Francisco in 2019. Although it might not be a move across state lines, there’s no question leaving the raucous Oracle Arena for the corporate confines of the Chase Center will make for a different Warriors in-game experience.