Larry Sanders: “I hated the way they displayed me”

Former Milwaukee Bucks center Larry Sanders stepped away from the game of basketball last year and technically retired. Sanders left roughly $27 million on the table by choosing to leave the NBA.

Sanders has been vocal about his time and treatment in the NBA, and it sounds like he's still upset about how the league's disciplinary system can quickly alter the perception of a player.

Here's more from Gus Turner at Complex:

To Sanders, the league is more interested in punishing a player than providing a solution. And when punishments are brought to light, they begin to morph how the player is perceived.

“I hated the way that they displayed me,” he says. “For 20 minutes a day, I’m now this angry man, getting all these technical fouls. No one knows my life from that point on, no one knows my day. Some people go through things, y’know? But that’s who you are, y’know? You’re just a basketball player, you’re just a performer.”

(h/t Complex)

Photo Credit: Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports