Kobe who? Lakers teammate pretends to be Bryant with media

Nobody can replace the Black Mamba on the Los Angeles Lakers, but it sure is fun to try.

Even with 15-time NBA All-Star Kobe Bryant missing on the floor, again, for another month at least, the living legend is omnipresent in Laker-Land.

Don’t believe us? Witness teammate Nick Young, a native Angeleno, handle a post-practice interview — answering all questions as Kobe Bryant’s inner voice.

Some highlights:

Question: "Do you feel like you’re the greatest of all time?"

Nick Bryant: "Yeah, of course. … I’m the greatest, what can I say?"

Question: "Does it hurt your fractured knee when I hit it with my mike?"

Kobe Young: "The Mamba . . . slithers through things, you know? We really don’t have bones."

See Young’s out-of-body experience here . . .

Just a hunch, but we’re guessing Mr. Mamba himself would enjoy this impersonation more than he did the several thrown down by last year’s wannabe franchise player in LA, Dwight Howard, now with the Houston Rockets.