Lakers’ Swaggy P breaks own rule, gets tattoo on arm ‘strictly for buckets’

Is there nothing sacred in this world anymore? What madness is this? Why hath thou forsaken us, Los Angeles Lakers guard Nick Young?

Last year right around this time, Swaggy P let the world know why a man who clearly loves his ink didn’t have any tattoos on his right arm. It was simple, elegant logic. That arm is strictly for buckets, not ink. No more discussion was necessary. Done. Everyone got it.

But this! This is not "strictly for buckets!" This is clearly a tattoo on Young’s right arm after he hit a game-winner at the Drew League.

Let's get ready @drewleague tomorrow #LookAtBigMeatStomachTho

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The tattoo appears to be an image of the late rapper Tupac Shakur, which is a solid choice for sure. But the world is upside-down now that Swaggy P’s word has been broken.

Or, you know, he was just joking around and he might have changed his mind, and he can do whatever he wants because he’s an adult with disposable income. Either way!

(h/t Lakers Nation)