Lakers rumors: Jimmy Butler rumored to be on the trade block

The latest Lakers rumors have to do with Chicago superstar Jimmy Butler.

Chicago made it clear to the rest of the NBA in the off-season that they were done dealing with distractions. In order to make their point, they didn’t hesitate to send Derrick Rose on his way.

Now, Derrick Rose plays in New York for the Knicks. A former league MVP, it was once highly likely that Rose would spend his career with the Bulls.

Not anymore, and that might be the same scenario for Jimmy Butler.

According to a report from Bleacher Report, the Bulls have explored options for their best player.

Per the report, Ric Bucher says that the team is apparently “uncertain” about building around him.

Not necessarily great news in terms of image and relationship, but it could be the Lakers’ chance to grab an All-Star.

What that would mean, though, is that they’d have to offer the right price.

Rajon Rondo has been more of a problem for the team than anything. One area that the Bulls could look to benefit from in trading Butler is point guard.

The Lakers could address this by sending Marcelo Huertas or Jose Caulderon to Chicago.

Luol Deng would also likely be part of the trade scenario, as he plays a position that Butler’s absence would directly affect.

If the Bulls find the right price for Butler, it’s apparent that they’re willing to pull the trigger.

Even if it comes with a lower-level team like the Lakers.

There’s plenty of room to be optimistic, now, though. Originally, the Lakers didn’t seem too bent on making a move for a star.

Things weren’t aligning, if you will, but that could easily shift with the news on Butler.

He’d provide true veteran leadership and a skill set that Brandon Ingram could learn from.

It would instantly make Los Angeles dangerous, too.

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