Lakers Fans Nominated For #Fandom250

Congratulations Los Angeles Lakers fans! You have been nominated for FanSided’s inaugural Fandom 250!

It’s no secret that the Los Angeles Lakers have the best fans in the world.

Whether it’s a three-year playoff drought – which is hardly a drought by the way (refer to Cleveland Cavaliers, Chicago Cubs, Los Angeles Clippers, etc.) – or a championship parade in downtown Los Angeles, we are there.

Sure, the Golden State Warriors hype train sounds tempting and yes, rooting for a small market team is always fun, but at the end of the day we all bleed purple and gold.

*Note: If you actually bleed purple and gold, please contact a doctor immediately.

So what does being nominated for #Fandom250 mean anyway?

FanSided is ranking the top fanbases in the world, and to the surprise of literally no one, the Lakers made the cut. While official rankings won’t be announced until Dec. 6, it’s hard to imagine the Lakers end up anywhere but numero uno.

I’m not going to lie, we’re going to be going up against some heavy hitters; The Beyhive, the Beliebers, the Swifties. But answer me this, would you?

Would Beyonce’s fans sit through an 82-concert tour if she was only going to sound good for 17 of those shows? Probably not, but her husband can apparently (sorry, Jay).

Can Beliebers watch their fair-haired prince drop 60 points and go to work the next day? My guess is no, but only because I’m not sure many of them are old enough.

And my final, and perhaps most important question; can any of your fanbases say they’ve been there since day one? Yes, I’m throwing shade at Golden State fans. 117-97, ladies and gentlemen.

Regardless of where we end up in the final standings, Los Angeles, this one’s for you.

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