Kobe fires back on Twitter after report he and Aldridge didn’t jell

According to reports, part of the reason LaMarcus Aldridge reportedly has ruled out joining the Los Angeles Lakers in free agency is because Aldridge didn’t jel with Kobe Bryant during their meeting. If true, this wouldn’t be the first time Bryant’s presence in a free agency pitch ended up backfiring on the Lakers, and it might not be the last.

But in an age of reporting coming out in tweets and on social media, Bryant is showing that two can play that game. The Lakers superstar used a tried-and-true Twitter meme to express his displeasure with the "social media reporting" that would sully his good name:

Is that child laughing an evil laugh? Are reporters just malevolent toddlers to Bryant? Is there such a thing as an evil 3-year-old? And why don’t all of the words actually fit onto the image?

So many questions to which only Bryant knows the answers. And that’s just the way he likes it.