Timeout! Kobe Bryant interrupts Boston College business class

One thing Kobe Bryant has a lot of is free time on his hands, even when the Mamba is on the road with the Lakers. So when the Lakers arrived in Boston on Thursday to play the Celtics, Bryant decided to surprise Boston College students during night classes.

Not sure if these students are Lakers fans, being in Beantown and all, but they sure seemed happy the Black Mamba decided to swing through.

B.C. spokesman Jack Dunn said Professor Nick Nugent was teaching the first class of the semester when an “unexpected guest” walked into his classroom.

“I had just begun the class with an example of the how the NBA is a model of successful international marketing and how Kobe Bryant is its biggest star, when suddenly the door opened and in walked Kobe,” Nugent said in a statement Friday. “It was surreal.”

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