Watch Kobe Bryant test drive a $490,000 car at Ferrari headquarters

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Maybe retiring from the NBA has caused a premature mid-life crisis for Kobe Bryant. Or maybe he’s just enjoying himself now that he has some free time.

Whatever the case, Kobe’s tackling his post-career boredom by taking a spin around the track in Maranello, Italy, home of Ferrari headquarters. Check out Kobe as he speeds away in a bright yellow Ferrari, with no regard for human life:

According to, that’s a Ferrari F12tdf, which comes with a price tag of about $490,000.

Bryant took a spin as a passenger before he took the wheel on his own. (Courtesy:

Still, they couldn’t have found a car with a big No. 24 on it for Kobe? That would have been perfect.


The former Los Angeles Lakers star (that’s still weird to type, by the way) is no stranger to high-priced automobiles. In 2012, he reportedly purchased a Ferrari 458 Italia for the tidy sum of $329,000 — which Kobe paid on the spot, via check. He also owns a Lamborghini and Bentley, among other vehicles.

And of course, there was the time Kobe "jumped over" an Aston Martin: