You won’t believe who is defending Kobe (and talking MVP?)

The Lakers are 0-5. Kobe Bryant has missed more shots than all but 18 players in the league have even attempted. Rumblings of a potential trade have already surfaced.

To put it bluntly, this is shaping up as the longest season of Bryant’s career (if not Lakers history). And it’s not like anyone is coming to the five-time champ’s defense.

That is, except for a couple Laker greats who have had their own issues and / or criticism of the folks running the purple and gold lately.

MVP talk? Well, Kobe is the leading scorer in the league after Wednesday’s action, averaging 27.6 ppg. And Magic is a former player, and someone who only left the Lakers after his group took ownership of the Dodgers. Aside from criticizing Lakers management while serving as a TV analyst, there does not seem to be a real reason why Magic would be critical of the Lakers.

Then this happened:

Of course, the biggest trade rumor out there is Kobe possibly going to the Knicks to team up with Carmelo Anthony to play for coach Derek Fisher (Kobe’s old teammate) and the Knicks’ president . . . Phil Jackson.

H/t: For The Win